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My favorite "Chicken Soup For The Soul" story was the one about the thousands of starfish relegated by a storm to the shores of a desolate beach, and a man who was methodically picking up the starfish one by one and throwing them back in the ocean.  A passerby stopped and asked him why he was doing that:  "Look around you man, there are thousands of starfish on this beach.   You're not going to be able to save all of them.  You won't even make a difference."  The man looked at the passerby, threw another starfish into the water and said: "Made a difference to that one!"

The subject of child safety against predators is not accorded the kind of attention it deserves.  In July of 2006, the Adam Walsh Child Protection Safety Act was signed by President Bush.  Unfortunately, the bill signing was merely symbolic, because of a lack of funding.   Two weeks ago, the House Judiciary committee held hearings outlining law enforcement efforts to battle child pornography on the Internet. The law enforcement simply lacks the resources to go after these predators.   We have a bill in Congress now addressing this issue.  It is called the "War on Child Predators Act" (S-1738 Biden, Boxer-HR-3845 Wasserman).  This important legislation will fund the largest law enforcement army ever gathered to investigate, prosecute and imprison individuals known to traffic in child pornography.  We encourage all Americans to contact their federal legislators and demand that they put their full support behind this important legislation. 

In the United States, between 1.6 and 2.8 million children run away every year, and half of all runaways are girls.  Within 48 hours of hitting the streets, one-third of these children are lured or recruited into the underground world of prostitution or pornography.  In 2000 Congress passed the Trafficking Victims Protection Act.   There is a fatal flaw within the act: because they are US citizens, domestic victims of human trafficking can not be certified, therefore they are not eligible for the services outlined and authorized under this act.  The Trafficking Victims Protection Act will be reauthorized this year.  With your help, it may be perfected to allow our American girls who have become such victims, to obtain the support needed to get off the streets. 

As a group, Realtors can have a huge voice.  We come from many other professions.  Real Estate is usually a second, or third career.  We are attracted to this profession, because we care about people.  I suggest that we get involved and stay involved.  Maybe this issue is not yours.  Find your issue, and make a difference!

Kids and everything related to them is my issue.  When I hear the word "Mom" I still turn, even when the child uttering it is not mine.  I was at a party once and a young kid fell in the pool.  I was in that pool retrieving that child so fast, that even I was startled at what had transpired.  Automatic pilot kicked in and there I went.  I am not unique in any way.   Most parents feel the same way.  That's why I bet I'm going to find a captive audience here!


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Make A Difference!
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