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Three Good Choices In Myrtle Beach Oceanfront Condos:

Take several property managers out to lunch or for a drink and you'll get the scoop on what rents the best in Myrtle Beach.  If you don't have time to do it, don't worry; I already have.  Here is the scoop:

This is what makes the most money in Myrtle Beach:

  1. Newer projects with lots of amenities: indoor/outdoor pools, hot tubs, lazy rivers.

Here are some great ones to invest in:

Baywatch Resort.  Located in Crescent Beach, within 2 minutes of Restaurant Row, Tanger Outlets, Alabama Theater, Barefoot Landing, Colonial Mall, the House of Blues, this location simply can not be beat.  It is the quietest busy place you'll ever find.  The oceanfront adjoins Atlantic beach, so you can have your peace and quiet on the beach, if the outside bar and all the lazy rivers and pool activities get too intense. 


Baywatch has MANY pools, Jacuzzis and lazy rivers, some indoors, some outdoors.   Two on site restaurants, spa/gym, outside bar, the works. 


The rooms are larger at Baywatch, than in many of the newer projects.  All the bedrooms have a window, which is not the case in many projects.  Baywatch Resort is about four years old and has over 500 condos in three separate towers.


Personally, there is NOTHING that I don't like about Baywatch Resort.  It is one great fun Palace.  My favorite condos there are the corner 2BR units in the North and the South towers.  They have plenty of windows and the south tower has wrap around balconies.  My second favorite condos at Baywatch are the one bedroom corner units.  They sleep 8, have a full kitchen, amazing views and 22 ft. balconies.  Buy the 2BR corner unit AND the 1BR corner unit next door, and you own the entire side of the building and have yourself a 3BR/3BA lock-out (increased marketability and better rentals).  The entire wing will set you back about $ 455,000 (that's the correct price of today, not the fantasy price the sellers are wanting).



Baywatch is an excellent Oceanfront Condo Resort to invest or rent in.  There is an on-site property management, but Elliott Realty and Century 21 Thomas manage over a hundred units there.  

Avista gives this oceanfront project the highest rating.  The 3BR/3BA corner units in Avista confer a view unlike any other on any beach, and they are my favorite 3BR units in the entire Myrtle Beach.  Every room has a wall of glass overlooking the blue Atlantic and the living room has both walls made out of glass.   Talking about having an intimate relationship with the ocean....   These 3BR/3BA condos are currently selling for under $ 500K and they bring in over $ 50K in income per year.  

Located in SOS territory.  For all of you who don't know, shagging is "THEE DANCE" and North Myrtle Beach is the capital of SHAGGING.  Avista is located mere steps to all the HOT Shagging Spots like Fat Harold's.  If you've never shagged, you owe it to yourself to try.  I have, after almost slapping a fellow for asking me if I wanted to go shagging with him.  He meant the dance, and so I went.  Shagging is exhilarating, FUN, FUN, FUN!  The atmosphere at Fat Harold's, where I shagged is the best.  Don't miss it!  "Kids" of all ages shag there: 21 to 81. 

Shaggingand drinking go together like peanut butter and jelly, so Avista's short walking distance to all these pubs and shagging venues may be the reason the rentals there are so abundant...  Main Street in North Myrtle Beach is lively beyond belief, yet it is one notch down from the crazy busy world of downtown Myrtle Beach. 





The only thing I don't like about Avista is the fact that many of the 1BR condos there have no windows in the Bedroom.  Everything else in Avista is primo.  Location, amenities, decor. 

There is an on-site property management, but Elliott's, Century 21 Thomas and several others manage units at Avista.

Prince Resort:


Prince Resort.  I never thought it could happen.  I wasn't happy about it when they started building it.  I hated the idea of a concrete and steel building encumbering the tranquility of the Cherry Grove Pier, a legendary edifice treasured by all the fishermen.  Then it happened:  I fell in love with Prince Resort! 


The project is simply gorgeous.   The decor is ultra modern, South Beach Style.  There are two towers, one oceanfront, the other one second row, with amazing views.  Each tower has heated pools, Jacuzzi and lazy rivers, all of them outdoors.  The second row tower has all the water features on the 9-th floor.  Imagine the weird feeling sun tanning and swimming 9 floors above sea level.  Yeah, it's awesome!


The Cherry Grove Pier is attached to Prince Resort, so your husband can just wake up and go fishing.  The kids can enjoy the pools downstairs, and you can watch all of them from your balcony.  You can have lunch at the wonderful grill restaurant on the pier and dinner at the fancy, oceanfront restaurant within the Prince Resort.   You can put a boat on the channels behind the Resort. 

What I like best about Prince Resort:  the tranquility and the amazing setting, along with the stunning building and modern decor.  There is water EVERYWHERE.  My favorite condo:  the one bedroom corner units.  They have so much bang for the dollar (I just sold one there for $ 155K).  With amazing views from the wall of windows on both sides, they simply have no rivals (with the exception of the Baywatch corner units) when it comes to views. 

 See you at the Beach!


Your Myrtle Beach Real Estate Connection, Mirela Monte


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