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My Daughter Got Baptized

My daughter is of a different religion, but we share the same God.  On MY Easter Sunday (I am Greek Orthodox),  she got baptized in the Ocean, embracing Jesus as her savior.


After immersing herself in bible study for well over a year now, she felt sure that she wanted to take this major step.  When she announced that she will be baptized during my Easter celebration, I wholeheartedly gave her my blessings.  It was so extraordinary to me that her Baptism occurred on one of my most favorite religious celebrations - Easter. 


She is now 15 years old.  I embraced my religion around the same time.  I am Greek Orthodox mostly because that was the only religion available to me in my native Romania and because my grandmother, who was my spiritual  mentor, is Greek Orthodox. 


In Communist Romania, the Bible was a rarity and most regular folks had never even seen one.  My grandmother had read the Bible in her youth and she remembered.  She taught me about God and all the wonderful lessons from her memory.  


I used to go to church on my way home from school every day and said my prayers.  I learnt about God and religion from my Grandmother and I followed my heart.  That little church by my school was my place to find the solace and peace I was seeking.  It was my oasis in a World I had difficulty understanding.  My God was loving, understanding and accepting, just like my Grandmother.                                                                                                       

My daughter openly declared her dedication to Him on Easter Sunday, when, alongside her two best friends, she got baptized in the Atlantic...

Although my Grandmother is now 95 and could not come to the Baptism, she was there in spirit and I lovingly dedicate this blog to her.


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       Me and my beloved daughter, Amanda-Miranda. 

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