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Signs, Signs and More Signs...



After an evening out with my girlfriends, I entered the freeway heading home.  There was my ex-boyfriend on the billboard advertising himself (he's an attorney here).  I've seen his billboards around town, and never paid much attention to them, but tonight he just stood out. 


Not even 5 miles later another billboard stared back at me:  my ex-husband's billboard (advertising his housing development), another 5 miles, another one of his billboards.   I wondered how many people's mistakes were staring them in the face on the way home? 


This week I also got the new signs for my business.   

Since I am particularly sensitive to signage this week, here is a collection worth peeking at.  Enjoy!


Myrtle Beach Real Estate by Mirela Monte


Join the Optimist Group!


   Gee...  Thanks!

    "Ok, kids listen up:  Jimmy and Tommy, you go have fun playing with toys, while Daddy goes and has fun playing with ugh...  wings, right next door..."

   Sign posted by an Optimist...

   "BangHer & LeevEr"...  Girls:  Don't go there!

   Same address as above...

  Restrooms for the fit only...  Larger sizes must use  the more graphic

   Oops!  I didn't know they captured this on camera...

   Great reminder!








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Comment balloon 34 commentsMirela Monte • June 29 2008 10:45PM
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