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Reduced, But Not Stupid or Desperate...

How do you price properties in this market? 


When a seller tells you:  "Make this property fly!" how exactly are you going to do that?


With absorption rates of 2 to 10 years in most of our markets, how exactly do you price property in order to sell it fast? 


Say a property has been unsuccessfully marketed by another agent at $ 500,000, in an area where the absorption rate is over 3 years.  You pull the current comps and they indicate a value of $ 370-$ 380K.  The seller says:  "Make it fly!  I don't care how you price it; just price it so you can sell it within 60 days, and then JUST DO IT!" 


What would you do?  How would you price this property?


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Comment balloon 17 commentsMirela Monte • September 29 2008 11:00PM
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