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Price it Well. Stage it well. Watch it Sell!


With all the hoopla about how bad our Real Estate Market is, we forget that:

•1.     Everyone needs a roof over their head.

•2.     People get transferred, they move, they marry, they divorce, they die.  Each major life event triggers a possible Real Estate Transaction.


If a listing is priced competitively, if it's marketed properly and if it shows well IT WILL SELL!


Educate your sellers!  If they think their property is worth more, why don't you take them for a drive and show them competing properties that are priced correctly.  Ask them to take their owners' hats off and pretend they are buyers.  If they had these options open, which home would they choose? 


After Reality Check 101, it's time for a little "House Beautiful" Session.  When the condo didn't sell and the showing comments indicated that it was the condition and appearance that kept the offers at bay, my sellers invested some money and sweat equity and did a condo make-over.  Now that their unit is the lowest priced in their building and the most attractive one, it will sell. 

Never underestimate the power of the make-over!  Getting rid of clutter, painting the walls, changing the flooring and doing other cosmetic updates like replacing the window furnishings, some of the lighting fixtures and accessories...  All of this can go a long way with the buyers, who either don't have the time, the budget, or the imagination to do it. 


Giving their property a make-over and substantially lowering the listing price, making it the most affordable condo in the building and the most attractive one as well, will most certainly get this property sold. 


As Realtors, we can only do so much, regardless of how much education, marketing ability, professionalism and intrepidity we possess.  The Sellers have to be part of our team, in order to get that home run...


Price it well.


Stage it well.


Watch it sell!


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Price it Well. Stage it well. Watch it Sell!
With all the hoopla about how bad our Real Estate Market is, we forget that: •1. Everyone needs a roof over their head. •2. People get transferred, they move, they marry, they divorce, they die. Each major life event… more
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