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The Walk-through...

a sad goodbye to a home

The walk-through went beautifully.  The ex-owner had everything in tip top shape:  the hardwood floors were glowing, the pool was sparkling, the garage was immaculate, all the fixtures and windows were spotless and there was not a spec of dust in the place.   She even had small containers of paint diligently labeled: “Kitchen, living room, sewing room”…


She was meticulous about every single detail.  She showed me where everything was and how everything worked, ensuring that the home she had built and loved for over two decades will be properly tended to by the new owners.   She raised her children in this home.  Her husband passed away in this home.   This home had so many memories tied up in it and now she was saying good-bye to it. 


We finished going over everything.  The locksmith was finally done re-keying all the locks.  I walked her to her car and we hugged.  I watched as she pulled out of the driveway one last time and I waved good-bye.  During these past two weeks we’ve talked and seen each other several times.  We’ve become friends.  She’s shared many of her life stories with me.   I’ve met some of her friends and family members. 

I came back inside and broke down.   My tears were flowing as if someone had just opened up the flood gates.  You see, this was no ordinary walk through.  I don’t have a happy family taking over this special home tomorrow.  This home now belongs to the Bank and I am the REO Agent who evicted her.



Mirela :(


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