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Come to Class - But Watch Out for the Homework

I've learned a lot here on Active Rain about how to run my business and market my listings.  I must say that without Active Rain, I don't think I would have weathered the storm these past few years... 

Luckily, the wonderful knowledge generously shared on Active Rain, keeps our careers in high gear. 

I just found these great tips from I wanted to share with you. 



Life has given me a pretty full schedule lately and I haven't had too much time to blog over the past few months.

I've got plenty of posts lined up in draft mode so don't think I've gone away! :)
More great stuff coming soon.

Meanwhile, when you come to Craig's Classroom, I promise to teach you something useful! But beware of the homework! I'll get you with it every time I'll expect you to apply what you've learned.

Here are some recent blog posts in case you missed them the first time around

Adding Social Media Icons
in Your Blog Signature

If you have a blog, you should consider putting icons with links to your other sites in your blog signature so people can easily follow you on your other sites.

Does Google Count You
as an Established Author?

Are your pages getting extra perks on the Google search results pages? In this post we talk about Google Authorship

Chromatize Your Gmail -
Some Cool Things You'll Get

Google Gmail is a very popular mail host. It is what I use for mail, how about you? Well, if you are using gmail check out a couple of very cool features of having gmail in the Chrome browser.

I Know of an ActiveRain SECRET Page - Let Me Take You There

Browsing and discovering new members of ActiveRain can be fun. Or maybe you have subscribed to somebody and you missed one of their posts otherwise. There is a page on ActiveRain that you can only get to if you know the URL. On the page there are some great ways to search for content. Let me show you how.

Mobile App Spotlight - Flipboard News Reader

Here's an app recommendation for you to browse recent news and blog posts on your mobile device. It has a great graphical interface that makes it very interesting to "flip" through what's new.

Facebook Ticker - See Your Friends Interactions

On the right side of the facebook window is an interesting view of activity by your friends that you might otherwise miss. What are they "liking" - what are they "commenting" on? Who is online right now. The ticker will show you.

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  is a Technology Manager residing in NYC who specializes in applied technologies in the fields of Architecture and Real Estate. Craig focuses on finding the best uses of tech as can be used to help a business be more successful. He is keen on always seeing the perspective and viewpoint of his audience and he tailors his teaching to be easily understood. He teaches by means of this blog, online courses and webinars, as well as one-on-one remote sessions with persons located throughout the country and beyond.

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Comment balloon 4 commentsMirela Monte • May 28 2013 02:09PM
Come to Class - But Watch Out for the Homework
I've learned a lot here on ActiveRain about how to run my business and market my listings. I must say that without ActiveRain, I don't think I would have weathered the storm these past few years… Luckily, the wonderful knowledge… more
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