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Is Your Cell Phone To Blame For Your Health Problems?

Is Your Cell Phone and laptop to blame for your Health problems?

Are you having trouble sleeping?   Do you get frequent headaches?  Do you find that you are more irritable and stressed out lately?  Maybe you should look to your cell phone and wireless laptop for answers; all the electromagnetic radiation emitted by them might impact you more than you think.

Although the cell phone industry vehemently asserts that cell phones are perfectly safe, there is a growing body of evidence proving otherwise.  Although in the past, the World Health Organization maintained that cell phones have no adverse health effects, in 2011 they reversed that pronouncement and alerted us that radiation from cell phones can possibly cause cancer.  The agency now lists mobile phone use in the same "carcinogenic hazard" category as lead, engine exhaust and chloroform.


Buried deep in the manufacturer’s inserts, you will find directions for the usage of your cell phone which specifically instructs you to keep the phone at least 10mm away from your body.   This is a good way for them to avoid litigation in the future (See, you were putting the phone to your ear, carrying it in your pocket, thus it’s your fault, you didn’t use the phone correctly!)

In 2012 we were alerted that women who kept their cell phones in their bras (and men who kept the phones in their shirt pockets) seemed to be at a higher risk for breast cancer.

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 David Dees Illustration - EMF Sleep

A new study recently published by the British Medical Journal revealed that exposure to cell phone towers alters brain function in alarming ways, causing a lack of concentration, irritability, difficulty sleeping and lack of appetite.

The study, authored by Professor Enrique A Navarro, concluded that the severity of such symptoms directly correlated to cell tower exposure levels. In other words, the closer a person lives to a cell tower, the greater the severity of their symptoms.

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Locate the cell phone towers in your neighborhood:


To understand how cell phone technology works,  its repercussions on our health and its massive impact on plants and animals alike,  you should watch this eye opening Documentary:   Resonance - Beings of Frequency:  

Those of you who wish to delve into the subject more, here are some noteworthy excerpts and links:  

Mobile And Wireless - Largest Biological Experiment

The most basic fact about cell phones and cell towers is that they emit microwave radiation; so do Wi-Fi (wireless Internet) antennas, wireless computers, cordless (portable) phones and their base units, and all other wireless devices. 

As far as cell phones themselves are concerned, if you put one up to your head you are damaging your brain in a number of different ways. First, think of a microwave oven. A cell phone, like a microwave oven and unlike a hot shower, heats you from the inside out, not from the outside in. And there are no sensory nerve endings in the brain to warn you of a rise in temperature because we did not evolve with microwave radiation, and this never happens in nature. Worse, the structure of the head and brain is so complex and non-uniform that “hot spots” are produced, where heating can be tens or hundreds of times what it is nearby. Hot spots can occur both close to the surface of the skull and deep within the brain, and also on a molecular level.

Cell phones are regulated by the Federal Communications Commission, and you can find, in the packaging of most new phones, a number called the Specific Absorption Rate, or SAR, which is supposed to indicate the rate at which energy is absorbed by the brain from that particular model. One problem, however, is the arbitrary assumption, upon which the FCC’s regulations are based, that the brain can safely dissipate added heat at a rate of up to 1 degree C per hour. Compounding this is the scandalous procedure used to demonstrate compliance with these limits and give each cell phone its SAR rating. The standard way to measure SAR is on a “phantom” consisting, incredibly, of a homogenous fluid encased in Plexiglas in the shape of a head. Presto, no hot spots! But in reality, people who use cell phones for hours per day are chronically heating places in their brain. The FCC’s safety standard, by the way, was developed by electrical engineers, not doctors.


Zapped: Why Your Cell Phone Shouldn't Be Your Alarm Clock and 1,268 Ways to Outsmart the Hazards of Electronic Pollution 

* When making cell phone calls, switch sides frequently
* Use "Electronic Feng Shui" to reposition appliances and electronics in the home to minimize exposure to EMFs
* Remove Wi-Fi and cordless phone chargers in the bedrooms
* Do not locate sofas and beds on the other side of a wall from a refrigerator
* Don't cradle your laptop in your lap, and especially not when pregnant
* Keep cell phone calls short
* Get the cell phone out of your pocket
* Text rather than call whenever possible
* Use the phone in hands-free mode versus up to your head/ear
* Turn off your router at night
* Turn off your cell phone at night and place it away from your bed
* Hard wire your computers into the router and turn off the wireless feature through your Internet provider


WiFi Radiation - Dangers of WiFi - See It Measured - How To Remediate WiFi Radiation:

How to avoid EMF radiation risks from computers, microwaves, cell phones, and other household items:

Pong Ipad and cell phone radiation blocking covers:


Kundalini And Cell Towers: Electrical Sensitivity, Human Health, And Environmental Illness

Full Signal Trailer:


Every Wi-Fi transmitter, if left on, continues to pulse 2.4 billion cycles of microwave frequency per second into its surroundings. This frequency goes through walls and humans bodies.

For other precautions, visit:

Good tips about Cell phone use by Cardiologist Dr. Stephen T. Sinatra:

Cordless House Phones:

Dr. Mercola - Cell Phone Safety Tips:


Possible Link Between ADHD in Children & Cell Phone Use

ADD / ADHD and Dirty Electricity
Some of the symptoms of Attention Deficit and Attention Deficit /Hyperactive Disorder (ADHD) have been linked with electromagnetic fields (EMF). At least thirty studies1 link ADD; poor concentration, lapses in (working) memory; difficulty learning; and slow reaction time with EMFs.

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Is Your Cell Phone To Blame For Your Health Problems?
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