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Awesome Cartoon Explaining The Health Care Plan:

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Comment balloon 11 commentsMirela Monte • August 27 2009 12:38PM


I have been on vacation & I'm trying to catch up.  My Real Estate Business has grown so much this year.  I just added three new assistants.  Sorry for my AR absence; but will be back soon.

This video is so simple to understand and so extraordinary; I just had to share it with you.  It's less than two minutes long and it says so much.  Please watch it and let me know what you think of it!

I miss you my dear friends!

Posted by Mirela Monte, Myrtle Beach Real Estate (Buyers' Choice Realty) over 10 years ago
I think the cartton video was great. I think we need health care reform in a bad way. I just have one simple little problem with it that Washington hasn't managed to explain to us yet which is how are we going to pay for it. If only they would come up with an answer to that, I think we'd have a done deal. I hope they figure it out pretty soon, too many people are going without and it's a darn shame.
Posted by Suesan Jenifer Therriault, "Inspecting every purchase as if it were my own". (JTHIS-Professional Home Inspection Team) over 10 years ago

Mirela - While the cute video refers to those government services we receive that provide good value--police, fire, and water--those are local government services and are responsible to the local populace who can drive to the local office and complain about poor service.  The bureaucracy in DC is far from a good example of an efficient provider of services.

And the reference to Medicare as being efficiently run--Medicare currently has 38 trillions dollars in unfunded liabilities that it won't be able to pay. It's technically bankrupt.  And to think we can just add millions more to the program and either not have to ration services or to have huge tax increases is just to ignore the facts.

Health care can definitely use some reforming, but, just as the opposition has focused upon the negative aspects, proponents have painted a picture that is impossible to realize. Ultimately I have little confidence that our lawmakers will produce anything meaningful for those who actually need help.


Posted by John Mulkey, Housing Guru ( over 10 years ago


I too saw this video today and posted it to my Facebook page.  As the wife of a physician I can truly attest to how much health care reform is needed in our country!  When physicians cannot get the tests their patients need because of costs (one time my husband had to call a special meeting to order band aids that wouldn't hurt young children w/heart aids.  Seriously), and often have to spend time on the telephone begging the insurers to allow the needed test....while at the same time hearing about the HUGE bonuses insurance types receive (because of all the money they saved their company by denying medical care) makes me sick.  No pun intended.

Posted by Coleen DeGroff, Haile Plantation Real Estate - Gainesville FL (Coldwell Banker M.M. Parrish Realtors) over 10 years ago

thanks for posting that.  Health care reform.  NOW!

Posted by Jeanne Dufort, Madison and Lake Oconee GA (Coldwell Banker Lake Country) over 10 years ago

It was a good cartoon and a very simplified overview.  Thanks for the post.

Posted by Brian Brumpton, Boise Idaho Real Estate (Keller Williams Boise) over 10 years ago

What a great video..Thank you for posting this


Posted by Hannah Williams, Expertise NE Philadelphia & Bucks 215-953-8818 (Re/Max Eastern inc.) over 10 years ago

Glad you are so busy that you need three assistants....Good for you!  Thanks for posting, I did think the cartoon was very creative..., but I do agree with John, that police and fire are Locally run and not the best example or analogy. 

Also, they left out the post office which is a Federal service and out of money....yikes, what is the best answer? 

Posted by Sidney Kutchuk - Realty Works Temecula Kutchuk - Realty Works Temecula, Realty Works Temecula (Realty Works Temecula) over 10 years ago

Thank you Mirela for the video and welcome back, happy to know that you are so busy that you can create 3 jobs.! I like the video and I think it explains very clearly why we need to pay attention to the Health Insurance Reform going through congress right now,

 I don't believe we all understand how insurance companies work, they bottom line is making more and more money, sometimes sacrificing lives to achieve their goals. Why aren't we more involved in this process?


Posted by Antonio & Alexia Cardenas, "The Realtors In Motion" (Alameda County - San Leandro, CA.) over 10 years ago

Hello Mirela.  Congratulations on your successes!!  I thought the video was excellent - very clear, simplistic.  Appreciate you posting it!


Posted by Diane Rice, SFR, SRES, CNC ( Rice Prprty Mgmnt & Rlty, LLC, South Holland, IL) over 10 years ago

Mirela - Thanks for sharing the video.  I look forward to the day when we will see significant health care reform.   

Posted by Kenneth Bargers (Prudential Woodmont Realty) over 10 years ago