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A Very Important List For Haiti Aid Workers, Journalists and Volunteers


* This Blog is updated several times daily.  Just click on the blue Links to get the info:


Searchable List of the Missing in Haiti - CNN, Red Cross and Google Person Finder


ICRC List of People confirmed Alive

Valuable list of Distribution Locations , Water, Food, Hospitals and all aid locations and updates.


US Embassy in Haiti


Haiti Embassy in Washington DC


Haiti Country Info - All important contact information for Haiti


Cargo Movement Request & Other Valuable Logistics Cluster Forms


CHR Haiti Update - Feb 12

Pan Am Situation Report - Feb 24


Logistics Cluster Situation Report - Feb 15, 2010

OCHA Situation Report - Feb 16



US Aid Fact Sheet - Feb 17


Haiti Relief Organization Presence Map - as of Feb 6, on Feb 9


United States Government Haiti Earthquake Disaster Response Update


Find your representatives in Congress - just enter your address and obtain the contact information (including their e-mail addresses) for your two Senators and your US House Representative.


Tools and Resources for Post-Disaster Relief  - A most valuable Reference Guide from UNHCR with all useful and important information.


Relief Web - Latest Updates on Haiti - This has every piece of critical information


Displacement and Population Figures - Feb 7


Haiti - Population Movements Out of Port-au-Prince - as of Feb 17


Port-au-Prince Road Damage Assessment Map - Road Damage Assessment Maps & other essential information

Port-au-Prince Temporary Shelter Locations


Make Donations Based on Needs - Feb 1

Snapshot - The Joint Operations Tasking Centre - Feb 17


Humanitarian cargo awaiting collection at Port-au-Prince airport - Feb 17


Importing Humanitarian Aid Into Haiti - Procedures Feb 17


Learning from Earthquake Relief and Recovery - An excellent Training Manual


Update on the Port-au-Prince Seaport - February 19

Haiti: Multi-Hazard Risk, Major Disasters and Severity (1998 - 2010)






Medical Creole - Everything a doctor or nurse would need to communicate with a Haitian Patient

A List of all Hospitals, their contact information and locations - this list is updated regularly.


A Basic List of Hospitals & Phone Numbers


A Map of Doctors Without Borders Hospitals

Map of IDF Field Hospital in Haiti


Hospitals and Field Mediacal Locations - Jan 26 Map


Haiti: Operational Biosurveillance


Doctors Without Borders MSF - an international medical humanitarian organization working in more than 60 countries to assist people whose survival is threatened by violence, neglect, or catastrophe.


Physicians For Human Rights - Partners in Health Volunteer Bulletin - Health workers & Logisticians needed right now.


Health Cluster Update - February 19


The Pan Am and World Health Organization Daily Report

Malaria: Haiti Pre-decision Brief for Public Health Action

PAHO Briefing on Haiti Earthquake Response - 26 January 2010







Public release of Haitian Creole language data by Carnegie Mellon


Information for Radio Broadcast


Relief Web - Situation Reports from the ground in Haiti and everywhere else.


Haiti News Feed - All the latest News on Haiti from every source.  To enter your RSS Feeds into this Form.


Hope for Haiti Now - Twitter Dashboard rolling info on #Haiti


Updates from aid workers and journalists in Haiti


Live Broadcast and chat room with Pierre Côté


Project Epic - Standadizing Twitter to aid in a more expedient response


Haitian Creole app for the iPhone (free) - a wonderful tool for volunteers on the ground.


Gaia GPS For Haitian Disaster Relief - a Lifesaver for the volunteers on the ground (free)


Haiti Earthquake Support Center -The Extraordinaries has created this support page to harness the power of the crowd to help locate and identify missing persons with just a few minutes of your time.


 List of Twitter users currently involved in helping Haiti (all the local movers & shakers, relief workers, volunteers, news organizations, military, government and of course journalists and their producers).

Twitter grows up in the aftermath of Haiti earthquake - I certainly would not have been able to help without Twitter and neither could many others.  "Twitter 4 Haiti" has been a constant refrain on the microblogging site, with #Haiti in the top 10 trending topics since the quake.

Latest News on Twitter - We all know Twitter is up to the second...

White House Haiti Earthquake Disaster Response Update 1/21/10


Crisis Commons - A Clearinghouse of Information - How Can I Help? Check here for the answers.

Logistics Cluster Software @ Online Logistics Tools



Mapping/Communications: , a GPS Emergency Locating system, has been invaluable after the quake, helping volunteers locate many of the calls for help.  With Port au Prince devastated by the earthquake, addresses have been useless.  By employing Twitter or by simply texting 4636, emergencies could be entered into the system and mapped out by a volunteer via the Internet.  Volunteers located all over the World have been able to help coordinate rescue operations on the ground in Haiti, saving many lives.  Volunteers like my Tweep, Rachelle Houde, who has worked tirelessly since shortly after the quake, deserve much praise. 


Disaster Response Portal - Situation Mapping, Organization Registry, Assistance Requests and Volunteer Information.


Open Street Map - Volunteers are building a basemap of Haiti, using satellite imagery, old maps from the CIA and military, and other sources.  Open Street Map Tutorial & Info.


Haiti Live - Help Map what's happening in Haiti


Google Satellite Maps of Haiti - the National Palace is shown here, but you can zoom in and out to view all areas around Port au Prince and beyond.


GeoEye - Geospatial Revolution Project - Remarkable Satellite Imagery


Haiti 360* - Interactive Videos taken on the streets of Haiti




Aid and Relief:


White House Haiti Relief Page - The official dictum and resources.


We Have / We Need - We Have We Need is a place where relief organizations can quickly post their most urgent needs and have them matched by generous donors during a time of crisis.


Haiti Volunteer Network - a platform for people who wish to donate services or goods to connect with relief and humanitarian agencies that are helping Haiti...

InterAction - a regularly updated list of agencies responding to the crisis and accepting donations.


All For Good - Find out what you can do to help in your neck of the woods.  From Haiti to local programs, this organization shows all altruistic activities available all over the World.  Just put in your zip code and connect with your cause.  "Be the difference you want to make in the World!"


Citizen Action Team - Invaluable!

A List of Charitable Organizations active in Haiti on Haiti - Debunks the rumors of free UPS shipments, free Jet Blue and American Airlines flights for volunteers.  Find out just how texting donations actually work.


Quick Review of current International Relief Efforts


Help Age International - Help for the Elderly in Emergency Situations


Disaster Accountability Project - Become a Disaster Accountability Monitor!




Adoptions of Haiti Orphans: - known as "We Want Humanitarian Parole for Haitian Children Being Adopted!!", a Facebook Fan Page proving to be a wonderful resource for the prospective parents of these children.


Operation Pierre Pan - in an exercise dubbed Operation Pierre Pan, the Catholic Church in Miami is drawing up plans to rescue thousands of Haitian orphans, mirroring the Operation Pedro Pan airlift of 1960 in which 14,000 Cuban children were taken to the city.

Bethany Christian Services - To Start A Haiti Adoption Process


White House Adoption Update - Humanitarian Parole - Secretary Napolitano Announces Humanitarian Parole Policy for Certain Haitian Orphans.


Rainbow Kids - A Clearinghouse of Information for Haiti Adoptions.  List of Agencies Placing Children from Haiti.

Using the Family and Medical Leave Act for Adoption


      You Tube      



Comment balloon 6 commentsMirela Monte • January 22 2010 12:40AM


After 10 days in the virtual trenches of Haiti via my Twitter Feed, I have accumulated a wealth of information.  Since logistics have been the main culprit of this "Haiti Debacle", I decided to do something about it and provide some organization of useful data.  I know it will help.  I just hope that enough people who need it, find out about it.

Posted by Mirela Monte, Myrtle Beach Real Estate (Buyers' Choice Realty) over 10 years ago

Good Morning Mirela, for people that are worried about their funds making it to haiti I found this:

ShelterboxUSA delivers their goods directly to thoes in need, From what I understand a SBUSA volunteer stays with the box until it gets to its destination.

Posted by Robert Rauf (HomeBridge Financial Services (NJ)) over 10 years ago

Mirela:  You are unbelieveable!

Posted by Connie Winstead, San Luis Obispo County CA Real Estate Agent (Nancy Puder & Associates ) over 10 years ago

What a totally awesome list of useful resources for people to help in different ways! Mirela your contribution to the cause through informing people is amazing! I came by after seeing another post of yours that had been re-blogged - (also about helping Haiti) I'm clicking on the re-blog button of this post - you rock! 

Posted by Teresa Berry over 10 years ago

What a totally awesome list of useful resources for people to help in different ways! Mirela your contribution to the cause through informing people is amazing! I came by after seeing another post of yours that had been re-blogged - (also about helping Haiti) I'm clicking on the re-blog button of this post - you rock! 

Posted by Teresa Berry over 10 years ago

Posted by Mirela Monte, Myrtle Beach Real Estate (Buyers' Choice Realty) over 10 years ago