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Haiti - Logistics & Organizational Tips:



Compiled from the Tweets of Adrian V. Barbour @ben_david68



Populate this tool and utilize as much as possible. Thanks!


It is important to start using all resources at disposal to clear and restart rebuilding process.


IT infrastructure needs to be moved up on the priority to aid effective and timely communication. Any volunteer teams with IT specialties.


Are there any corporate sponsors who can provide equipment and staff for wireless routers, cables, help desk, and network support, etc.?


Start showing flow through of donations?


Follow donations from receipt to purchase to delivery to use by workers in the field.


Have ARC provide sanitation awareness classes for tenants of tent cities.


Develop daily quality of life improvement projects for locals to sign up. Tick off achievements as they are accomplished.


Provide a series of classes for residents e.g. first aid, basic sanitation, etc. Keep camp residents productively busy.


Vacancies within Haitian government should be filled by temporary appointments until original officials are confirmed to be dead or alive.


Temporary appointees should be constitutionally assigned until government is restored. Most functional and critical offices are the priority.


IT Support: SATCOM units; any ground stations for government facilities? Let's get Haitian government and police stations up to speed and self sufficient.


See what it will take for a cluster to reestablish schools within each camp.


Does the Haitian government have a situation room setup?


Provide a workshop of safe distribution practices for volunteers.


Media: in addition to general human stories, let's get more on operational players and their needs, status, improvements, etc.


Predictability of essential services delivered upon a schedule is the goal to reduce desperate violence, etc.


Tent city leadership should have regular meetings in order to share best practices and to help connect families.


They should create a standing leadership council as an advisory board to the government.


If it does not already exist, have Haitian government create a min for the Aged, to address needs of nursing home elderly & others.


They should assign staff to address their needs just like those of orphans, addressing medical care and disposition.


What international organizations address this particular population?


In each tent city, leaders should start compiling list of occupational skill sets of tenants and provide it to government for work parties


Apply dietary rules in camps as much as reasonably possible to stave off disease and infections.


Set up common area space for community meetings to share info and provide workshops, etc.


Each community should have outpatient ICUs. Once well enough, transition them to general population.


Those who are well enough should join work teams in PaP, or move out to country side.


Can Canadian combat engineers fix main road to Jamal to enhance travel?


Can we now get more aid workers through regional centers to address needs in outskirts? Replicate best practices from PaP


Establish effective real-time info sharing from there too. Let's get effective communication systems and networks up and running to reach regional locals


I will continue to cull Adrian's ideas from his Tweets.  I should have a complete list within the next few days, adding to this several times each day.  Until I do, please check out his Tweets: @ben_david68 .  Jan 23, 3:44pm   Mirela

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