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1912... The Year The Titanic Sank & My Grandma Was Born... Life Lessons From a Titan...

I come from a long line of strong women.  As a child, I loved listening to stories about all these extraordinary women I descended from.  The great things they accomplished, the many obstacles they overcame.  Hard times in Transylvania and Moldavia...two world wars ravaged the land, but not the souls of its people...

I learnt from a mother who took matters into her own hands and defected out of Communist Romania.  She single handedly took care of my ill father while working three jobs, and later opening a string of successful businesses.  With mom, anything was possible.  Great dreams, little dreams, they were all achievable

Her mother is now 95.  Although her body is feeble (she is a little over 4.5 ft. tall & shrinking) but her mind is still sharp.  She forgets how many times I was married (maybe I should too!!!), but she remembers the important stuff and she still says the right things and asks the right questions.  She has a zest for life and she wants to at least stay alive to see my daughter get married.  My daughter is only 14, so grandma has some ambitious dreams...

How does one live this long and stay so well?   Here are some potential reasons why:

•1.     Grandma always has a kind word for everybody.  She loves everyone and everyone loves her.

•2.     If she doesn't have anything good to say about someone, she just doesn't say anything at all.  If anyone talks badly about someone, she just waves her arm in the air gesturing: "Basta!  Just let it be!  Let's move on to another subject..."

•3.     Grandma always believes that good things are about to happen.  An incurable optimist, she always has hope in her heart.

•4.     Grandma is proud!   Her husband died when she was only 29 years old.  He left her with a two year old baby (my mother), and a lot of debt.  Grandma was stunningly beautiful.  Petite, and well endowed, with thick, black hair, a flawless complexion and the most amazingly green eyes, she was a beauty indeed.  She had several wealthy men offer her an easy existence by being a kept woman, but she summarily refused them.  She was insulted by their proposals, and instead, she chose to do hard labor in the factory during the daytime, and unload coal in the evening (she only had a fourth grade education, having come from a poor, farming family).  She paid off my grandfather's debt, and raised my mother all by herself, never remarrying again.  She never dated until she was in her sixties, and finally found a man she fell in love with.

•5.     Grandma is grateful She thanks God every day for being alive.  She thanks people for the smallest of things.  They just want to keep doing things for her, because she notices and is so grateful.  I guess that's how God sees it too...

I'll write another blog about Grandma when she turns 100.  Stay tuned!

Four Generations

Four Generations of Women: My Daughter, My Grandmother, My Sister and My Mom, the most important Females in my life.  My other most important person, My Son, Alex, was taking the picture.



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Comment balloon 3 commentsMirela Monte • November 16 2007 04:43PM


   Interesting how you mention the Titanic.  My ancestors were supposed to take a ride on the Titanic, but missed the trip.  I am glad they did so or I would not be here.  Your grandmother sounds amazing.  Many lessons to be learned from here I am sure.  Enjoy your day.
Posted by Rian Muleback, Gresham Oregon Real Estate (Encore Realty) over 11 years ago
Thank you for your comment, Rian!  Wow, you sure are lucky!!!  Life works in mysterious ways...
Posted by Mirela Monte, Myrtle Beach Real Estate (Buyers' Choice Realty) over 11 years ago
I thought I dust this off and re-introduce it with pictures, now that I know how to put them into my posts.
Posted by Mirela Monte, Myrtle Beach Real Estate (Buyers' Choice Realty) over 11 years ago